NEO FTP Service is Retiring

NASA is in the process of deprecating the use of FTP protocol for file access across the agency. As a result, downloading files from NEO via FTP may no longer be available after April 15, 2019. NEO will support bulk downloading options via HTTPS, but FTP client software applications will no longer be able to access NEO holdings. Similarly, if users are using FTP command line utilities or scripts to download from the archive, those will need to be converted to using HTTPS-access methods.

The directories containing the bulk files can be found at Additionally, you may also use our Web Mapping Service (WMS).

For users who have scripts or command line experience, we recommend using either wget or curl to facilitate downloading from the bulk archive. There is quite a bit of documentation and examples that can be found simply by searching, or even just looking at the wget man page, but here are a couple wget examples:

If you want to maintain an up-to-date mirror of a specific directory, retrieving only the PNG files:

wget --no-directories --no-host-directories --no-parent --recursive --mirror --accept "*.PNG" -l1

Same as above, but get only the images from 2007 (for example):

wget --no-directories --no-host-directories --no-parent --recursive --mirror --accept "*2007*.PNG" -l1

If you are not comfortable using command line utilities to download NEO imagery, there is a growing number of graphical interfaces to facilitate downloading over HTTPS. Some are stand-alone applications, some are browser plugins. You can find these applications by searching on “download multiple files from website.”

2 responses to “NEO FTP Service is Retiring”

  1. Kevin Ward says:

    Update: The NEO FTP service is no longer available, effective June 13, 2019.

  2. Andy Kosela says:

    It is very unfortunate and IMHO the sign of the times that we are going in the wrong direction with the way the Internet is transforming itself. FTP used to be the golden standard for the last 40 years. My question is why people are forced to use encryption if they are downloading only public images….

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