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One of the best places to study Earth is from space. NASA satellites continually orbit the globe, collecting information about Earth’s ocean, atmosphere, and land surfaces. Satellites can even monitor the activity of life forms, such as phytoplankton, from their remote vantage points. Satellite imagery provides the greatest benefit to the most people when it can be analyzed by anyone with an interest. NEO strives to make global satellite imagery as accessible as possible.

Our mission is to help you picture climate and environmental changes as they occur on our home planet. Here you can browse and download imagery of satellite data from NASA's constellation of Earth Observing System satellites. Over 50 different global datasets are represented with daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots, and images are available in a variety of formats including JPEG, PNG, Google Earth, and GeoTIFF.

NEO is part of the EOS Project Science Office located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Image Use Policy

The images available in NEO are freely available for public use without further permission. Please use the credit statement attached to each dataset, or at the very least credit NASA Earth Observations as the source.

Site Management

Kevin Ward (Science Systems & Applications, Inc.), lead architect
Paul Przyborski (Science Systems & Applications, Inc.), web developer
Maria Stoica (Science Systems & Applications, Inc.), data processing
Andi Brinn Thomas (Science Systems & Applications, Inc., earth science outreach specialist

NEO and “data”

NEO provides the ability for users to download CSV (comma separated values) and floating point GEOTiff files for datasets. The data values included in these files are only approximations based upon the scaled range of the original source data. As such, these values are a few generations removed from the original data and while they may be useful for basic analysis and trend determination, they should not be treated as scientific absolutes. For more scientifically rigorous data, please see either the "download data" or data provider links on the respective dataset page.

Credits and Acknowledgments

Special thanks and acknowledgments go to David Herring, Jesse Allen, Eva Borbas, Jacques Descloitres, Gene Feldman, Chelle Gentemann, Mark Gray, Goran Halusa, Jackie Kendall, Norman Kuring, Rebecca Lindsey, Chris Lynnes, Alex McClung, Vipool Rathod, Bill Ridgway, Holli Riebeek, Jeff Schmaltz, Michon Scott, Rob Simmon, Allan Smith, Reto Stockli, Ross Swick, Stephanie Schollaert Uz, Tom Whittaker and Wenli Yang for generously sharing their time, expertise, imagery, and data. Very special appreciation goes to Vince Salomonson and Michael King for their initial support and encouragement and Steve Platnick, EOS Project Scientist, for his continuing support.

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