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These configuration options are all optional. You may use either the map above to select coordinates for a region you want to analyze or you can enter them in the fields on the left. When you are ready to run the analysis, click on the ‘Launch Analysis’ button below.

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About Image Analysis

The Image Composite Explorer (ICE) analysis tool is designed for users who wish to perform basic analysis of NASA satellite remote sensing imagery in their web browser without needing to grapple with the complexities of the source data. By clicking "Analyze this image" on any data set you can add 1-3 images to the analysis set and then analyze them within your browser. When configuring the analysis, users may examine whole images or optionally crop/subset them to a specific region of interest. Click the "Remove" button to remove items from your analysis set.

Please note: The data values reported in analysis are based upon the scaled range of the imagery. These values are not research-quality data and should not be used as scientific absolutes but only for simple analysis.

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